Data Science Independent Project: Company Acquisitions in the IT industry

Hi, everyone! :slight_smile:

I’ve recently been working on a personal independent project on the history company acquisitions of the “tech dinosaurs” in the IT industry in an effort to examine the acquisition strategy of each company. This is my fist personal Data Science project that I’ve done outside the Codecademy platform, and I am seeking for your advice in an effort to improve on my future projects! It stores a lot of interesting interpretations (in my opinion :grin:) so come take a look if you are interested in this subject and please feel free to share your own knowledge or thoughts regarding the topic!

Oh, and if you liked my project, please hit that start button on GitHub! :smiley:

Link: GitHub - hyunjun0228/D.S.-Project-2-Company-Acquisitions: Analysis on M&A of Big Tech Companies and It

Betting this will be right up @lisalisaj’s alley. Hope you hear from her, et al.

For my own part, not versed well in DS the only thing I’ll be looking for is subjectivity. Can you guarantee we won’t find any?

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That’s a good point indeed. In part 1 and part 2, there’s no room for subjectivity as my analysis is based on statistical tools and observations, and I’ve also tried my best to retain objectivity in the interpretation of the data.
In part 3, however, I do have to admit that my analysis could be prone to certain extent of subjectivity, since the interpretation does include my prior knowledge in the history of the IT industry. Nevertheless, all the interpretations are thoroughly backed up by the statistics, so I believe this project well maintains its objectivity.

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Really cool project!

Admittedly, I don’t know much about mergers & acquisitions and the effects on stock prices–outside of what I can google and read online. :slight_smile:

In re: Google: I noticed that their acquisition of Looker wasn’t mentioned in your analysis. They bought that for $2.6B in 2019. It was their 4th largest purchase in their history (and all cash!). That was a pretty big deal I thought, especially when you think about how they’re competing with Amazon with regards to data analysis tools and cloud storage.

Another company to potentially watch is Salesforce. It’s interesting (to maybe just me b/c it’s data related?) b/c they bought both Tableau (from Microsoft in 2019) AND IMO the larger acquisition: Slack (in July 2021 for $27.7B(!!)). If there was ever a time that I wished I owned a stock, that was it. :joy:

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