Data science foundations exam Part II

Hello. I have a couple of issues with the part II exam for data science foundations. The exam is composed of 6 questions. 3 of which are SQL, and the other 3 are python. The SQL questions are fine but there seems to be a bug with the Python questions. The first question is a loop. The question has a dictionary with items and their prices, and it wants me to create an empty list, then a loop which adds any odd prices to that empty list. So far so good. But then, whenever I try my code, it says I didn’t iterate over everything. I try again. I make another code. I have ChatGPT generate something, with all the same output. I managed to get the code from someone on this forum, and I will include it here if anyone needs it:
for i in range(len(all_items)):
if i % 2 == 0:

This is completely ridiculous. My code was with the exact same output as this and I don’t get the question correct. I guess it needs me to use range? It wasn’t mentioned to use range in the question though. They just wanted a loop. Moving on to the next question. The question has variable which are starting_money, num_of_items (or something like that), and then item_price. It asks me to make a function which iterates over the money, checks the item price, and deducts it from my money. Basically to check how many items I can buy with the money I have. So far so good. I write the function. It’s wrong. It says: “Something seems wrong. Check if the testing code at the bottom is still there. If it is, then check your math.” The code literally outputs everything correctly. I tried doing it differently, making ChatGPT do it, but nothing.
Then the third question, which asks me to do this:
The following dictionary contains the test scores of students in three different components of an exam:

test_scores = {“Gina”:[80, 72, 90], “Javed”:[88, 68, 81], “Siobhan”:[80, 82, 84], “Pedro”:[98, 96, 95], “Marcel”:[78, 80, 78], “Dilip”:[64, 60, 75]}
However, the teacher realizes that there was an error in one of the questions in the first component of the exam.

Modify test_scores to reflect this change by adding 1 point to the first component of each student’s exam. (Hint: use a for loop!)
Write it into a text file, modified_scores.txt.

I then do as asked, here is my code:
test_scores = {“Gina”:[80, 72, 90], “Javed”:[88, 68, 81], “Siobhan”:[80, 82, 84], “Pedro”:[98, 96, 95], “Marcel”:[78, 80, 78], “Dilip”:[64, 60, 75]}


Modify dictionary

for student, scores in test_scores.items():
scores[0] += 1

Write to a text file

with open(“modified_scores.txt”, “w”) as f:
for student, scores in test_scores.items():
f.write(f"{student}: {scores}\n")
Then it displays:
{“passed”:false, “errorMessage”: “Did you write the modified scores to the modified_scores.txt ?”} {“passed”: false, “errorMessage”: “Expected new file modified_scores.txt to be created.”}

I tried two other codes. I tried ChatGPT, and I even tried codes off this forum, to no avail. I can’t pass my exam, which means I can’t get my certificate. It’s really important I get the certificate, since it would help me a lot considering I’m in high school, and completing a Data analyst: Machine learning specialist career path and getting a certificate is important to me. And if it weren’t my certificate that’s important, I could never rest knowing I failed an exam. So if anyone has a solution to this or if codecademy could fix this, I’d appreciate that. Thank you.

Task is much simplier than you do it. Write dictionary text to .txt file by converting it to a string:

with open(“modified_scores.txt”, “w”) as f:
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The code for the last one wasn’t mine, it’s from someone off the forums. I tried my own which was something like this, but it didn’t work.

Have you found a solution? Having the same issue.

No unfortunately. They told me to contact them with the link, but I forgot and honestly don’t have time to deal with problems right now . Send them an email with the link of the questions. If they help, just respond back here with the solution.

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