Data Science Career Path: You can do it!

I hope that I can offer some words of encouragement for anyone beginning the data science career certificate program or just starting to learn to code for the first time.

I started the code academy pro program at the end of June, after becoming laid off due to the pandemic. I have always been interested in data science and learning some coding skills. As a Gen Xer and at a crossroads during this difficult time, I decided to dive straight in and committed myself to learning to code. Fast forward a few months and I have completed the program and earned my certificate.

Here is some advice that I would give to anyone starting on a similar journey. First, you CAN do it! I promise you. I had no background in coding whatsoever and I am not a math whiz. Just decide that you can and will compete the program and give yourself a timeline. Second, resist the urge to rush through to the next module until you have a firm grasp on the current module. Go back and redo the modules if it helps. Lastly, I think the most important part is consistency. I think you need to login to codecademy and code every day, even if you only have a short amount of time, but you should aim for at least an hour/day if possible. You want to see the % complete continue to move, so at the end of each week you can see that you moved the needle. If you are not consistently coding every day and you do not see progress toward completion, you are more likely to quit. DON’T quit! Keep going.

I know this advice is not a revelation, but for me it was helpful to read about other people’s journeys to help push through. I hope it helps someone out there in some small way.

Best of luck! I am rooting for you!


This is really helpful. Also, you could restart if you don’t understand a topic in the course. It sounds crazy, but if you are committed, it really helps to learn it.

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This is fantastic! Thank you SO much for sharing this, @digital8618182805 !

I’ve watched a lot of videos on coding, spent a lot of time on Codecademy, and own several lengthy courses on IT / coding this and that, and one thing the instructor ALWAYS says is to have consistency. I see you mention that too, and it just further cements this fact.

Personally, I’ve been frustrated in getting back into IT. My last IT job was sysadmin & coding ( HTML, CSS, JS), and it’s been an interesting journey for me. I had a great job, and have good experience on many levels. But, after taking a break out of IT to be the primary caregiver for my kids, I’m finding it SO difficult to get back in. To make the long story short, I’m seeing that the three pieces of advice you offer are critical to getting back in and having a veritable skill that shows you worked it and you want it!

Thanks again! I really needed to read what you have to say here… :slight_smile:

ps> How did I forget?? A HUGE congratulations to you! Please keep us posted with what you’re up to now and how things are going!

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That’s awesome! Thanks for the inspiration. :smiley: Were you able to find a job?