Data Science Career Path - Skipping Ahead

Hi All,

Recently kicked off the Codecademy Data Science career path (also got a pro membership).

I actually learned Python through Codecademy a few years ago so I’m a huge fan of this style of learning and know that it works well. My question is (and apologies if the info is already available somewhere else) can I skip the Python Basics portion of the Data Science career path, without affecting earning the certification at the end of the course?

It’s just that the Python stuff I’m running through at the moment is SUPER basic (101 type stuff). It would be awesome if I could auto complete this whole section and move onto the next. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

By “skip” do you mean just get the answers w/o doing the work in order to get a checkmark so you can move on? In order to get the certificate at the end you have to have completed the modules.

Personally, I wouldn’t skip past it. I’d do the modules and projects–there’s a lot of new material and projects! I mean, what does it hurt to learn more or delve into Python? It’s used throughout the DS path (I’m on that one as well).

It doesn’t hurt to practice what one already knows. :slight_smile:

Happy coding!


I second this. It would be great, if there was some kind of an “exam” or a “test” or something to skip the basics. I’m a fairly proficient coder in Python and this basic stuff is often demotivating.