Data Science Career Path not showing all completed courses


I have just completed the Data Science Career Path. I did receive a certificate of completion for the path, however my profile page is not showing all courses that I completed, it is missing SQL, Machine Learning etc. Can this be fixed?
Here is my profile page:

Thank you!

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Are the courses definitely showing as 100% completed in the catalog?

You might be able to trigger them showing by going into them, resetting one of the exercises and repeating it; can’t guarantee it’ll work, though.


Also keep in mind that while the Career Paths like yours use exercises and projects from individual courses, you might not have completed the entire standalone course. I recommend you check the catalog and make sure the courses you are talking about have been completed in their own right, not just the parts included inside the Data Science Career Path.

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I have done this but it has not fixed the issue.

Also, I checked the catalog and it shows that I completed the “Learn SQL” course, however it is not showing up on my profile under courses complete.

oh, I think I had a similar issue. You’ll have to contact Codecademy’s support. This is what they told me:

Hi Fede!

Thank you so much for reaching out. As you completed the Learn HTML course as part of the Web Dev Path (all of the content within the course is also in the Path), the course won’t appear under My Courses.

However, I wanted you to have evidence that the course was indeed completed so I’ve added it to your profile so you can receive the certificate for this course.


I see that this answer is in their knowledge base now. It’s a strange choice, since certing in a specific language would seem to be more immediately understandable.

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