Data Cleaning with Pandas project

In step 5 of Data Cleaning with Pandar project is required that we “Use regex to turn the Income column into a format that is ready for conversion into a numerical type.”

I tried using .replace and it did not work. I did not find in the lesson nothing that could help me. What should I do?

you are on the right track.
you are supposed to use .replace() to remove the dollar sign.

I did it and still it doesn’t work

The error printed as
‘File “pandas/_libs/lib.pyx”, line 1934, in pandas._libs.lib.maybe_convert_numeric
ValueError: Unable to parse string “$59125.270833333336” at position 0’

Is hard to know exactly what are you doing without seeing the code.
the replace should look similar to this:

df['your column'] = df['your column'].replace('\$', '', regex=True)

This will replace all dollar signs for empty string, so it just removes the sign.