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I have completed 99% of ‘Data Analyst’ Career path, I was looking analyst job in Australian (Melbourne). Most data analysts’ jobs (over 90%) require ‘Tableau’ (for visualization) and ‘Alteryx’ (for ETL: Extract, Transform and Load). What is your suggestion? Thank you. Judy

That’s a tough question. I’ll assume their job application process works like it does in my company in the US. And yes, I have been a manager who has hired people, although not specifically in this profile (I was in Mission Assurance).

So, the first question is, is it a required skill, or a desired skill? If it’s a required skill, then the HR systems these days will reject you if you don’t have a required skill. Don’t despair – there are ways to work this.

Workarounds, without lying:

  1. See what options Tableau offer for developers/students. Perhaps there is a 30-day free trial you could get. If yes, then I would use that period to get familiar with Tableau and then see if you can generate the visualizations you generated as part of your Data Analyst path.
  2. Find out the most popular Tableau visualizations (perhaps on YouTube) and try to generate similar ones yourself with the tools you have available. Then in your resume, identify the visualization types you are most proficient with and make sure to say “equivalent of Tableau X visualization”. That gets the Tableau keyword in your resume, so it won’t automatically get rejected and is not being deceitful – it’s mapping what you can do to what Tableau does.
  3. Network in your area and see if you can find a mentor that has Tableau experience and if they can show you how to use Tableau or perhaps give you some time on their computer (under their supervision) using Tableau, not unlike pair programming.
  4. Check out what your local community colleges/tech schools have available – do they offer classes in Tableau? Discounts in Tableau? Have a computer lab (even virtual) that you can use even during COVID?
  5. Try to get an internship (paid, I would hope) with one of those companies as a Data Analyst and specify that you haven’t had the opportunity to work with Tableau yet, although you have done visualizations and analysis so expect it won’t be too hard to pick up. This is where a portfolio could help.

Those are just some thoughts, and they would apply to Alteryx as well. Most managers realize that while knowing how to use a tool is important, it’s easier to learn how to use a tool than to learn something as difficult as data analysis.

I hope that helps!

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Hi Chris, Thank you for your detailed reply. I did exactly what yo have suggested, Tableau is so easy to analyse data and make beautiful visualization, which makes me doubt the use of learning ‘data analytics’. Great suggestions, thank you for your time and effort. Judy from sunny Melbourne

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