Data analyst language choices

Hello again!

I know that a SQL library is needed on the data analyst path in addition to things like Tableau and Excel, but I’ve had recent trouble with finding what languages are a good fit for me or for a job in the future. I know that data analysts pick either Python or Ruby as a language of choice when going forward on their paths. On my journey I’ve found that both are coming up equally and don’t really know which to choose as I progress.

I also hear that people study both but I want to save some time so I can learn the other things I need to as well. I do go to DataCamp for further studies on this subject. Anybody got any ideas for which language to choose for the Data analyst path?

Y’all are awesome!

I don’t use Ruby but I don’t think it’s quite as widely used as Python for Data Analysis. Rather than anecdotal evidence I’d note that a google search for: python data analysis returns “About 2,470,000,000 results” whereas ruby data analysis returns “About 31,000,000 results”. Not the best metric (unrelated results) but if you hunt around the web for popular data analysis tools I’m pretty sure you’ll find Python #1 or very near to it (whereas Ruby may or may not turn up at all).

That’s not to say you can’t use it but the ecosystem (libraries, tools, APIs guides etc.) and job market using Python for data analysis would be more substantial, if you’re just starting out I think Python would be the better choice.

as a data analyst, i can confirm that you need to know python and SQL. R might be useful in certain circumstances but pretty much anything you can do with R can be done using Python!