Data Analyst Final Portfolio Project - Forbes Rich 100 Y 2012 to 2021

This is Data Analyst Final Portfolio Project. I choose data from Forbes Rich 100 over the last 10 years. However, half way through using Python, I look at the viz, and decided that “Tableau” is far superior in terms of analysing and visualization. Am I cheating? But 95% of employers want data analysts to use Tableau.
I also did a presentation uploaded to youtube. They actually both form my new job application to a data analyst job in Melbourne. Would love your feedback. Thank you. Judy

Viz in Tableau:!/vizhome/24thMarch2021Forbes100/DBForbes


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Congratulations on finishing!! :partying_face:

That’s awesome that you taught yourself Tableau!! :clap:t2: :clap:t2:
Tableau is pretty neat. I still learn something new about it all the time. :slight_smile:
No, it’s not cheating at all! (IMO) It’s good to learn all kinds of tools and when to utilize them in your data storytelling.

Thank you Lisa, you are always full of positive compliments. I have improved so much under your guidance, especially in my presentation. Codecademy is very fortunate to have you.
Judy from Beautiful Melbourne

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