Data Analysis Portfolio Project Life expectancy and GDP


I have completed the Life expectancy and GDP Data Analysis Portfolio Project. Here is the link to it if you would like to take a look:

I wrote a basic blog for this project. I also created a powerpoint presentation which I prefer as a way of communicating findings like this. You can see a PDF of these attached.

Actually the hypothesis testing is one of the areas I struggled with on this course. I decided to use a one-sample ttest to understand it a bit better.

I ran the test to work out if the life expectancy of each country is comparable to the global average. I first ran this test with a global average excluding the country being tested. Every country except for China showed a life expectancy significantly different from the global average.

I then ran the one-sample t-test a second time, but this time I removed the life expectancy data for Zimbabwe. As it is a significant outlier I figured maybe it was affecting the results of the test. However, the second one-sample ttest showed that the average life expectancy of all countries is significantly different from the global mean.

I wonder if anyone else has tried this? Or can help me work out if I have done something wrong, if these results are correct or if I should have applied a different test / normalised the data etc.

Any general feedback about my project would also be greatly appreciated!

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Wow really cool your project specially the heat map. I found everything really clear, maybe some figure sizes are too big and can difficult a bit the reading of some information. I saw your presentation also I liked how you presented the p-values.


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Thank you for your feedback @eriglesias !