Data Analysis; Off-Platform Project: Coded Correspondence, Step 5 - possible wrong text


I browsed through the forums and found no one discussing that the text for Step 5 does not seem to be correct.

In Step 5 of this project, the current text to be decoded is:

txm srom vkda gl lzlgzr qpdb? fepb ejac! ubr imn tapludwy mhfbz cza ruxzal wg zztcgcexxch!

However, using the key provided (“friends”) does not come back with a coherent answer. I tried 3 different methods, including the solution that Codecademy provided and none of them worked.

In fact, in the Codecademy Jupyter file, the message to be decoded is different:

dfc aruw fsti gr vjtwhr wznj? vmph otis! cbx swv jipreneo uhllj kpi rahjib eg fjdkwkedhmp!

I spent more than 4 hrs trying to solve this and grew incredibly frustrated and disappointed in myself, only to find that the answer is in fact impossible.

Please fix this.