Dasmoto's Project code review

Very new to all the coding, but I’m really enjoying the new challenge - here is a link to my codepen codepen link for anyone who is able to take a look and review my interpretation of the Dasmoto project

Looks nice, but I think the HTML could be cleaned up a bit. Focus more on correct indentation on elements so its easier to read and edit. Also I would checkout the CSS lessons on sizing HTML elements. Specifically the background color on each header spans the entire line and can be resized.

Very good. I am thankful that you shared your code in codepen, which is very easy for a review. I think there are only two points that I would mention:

  1. I would think it is better to use ID rather than class for your h2 because it is not meant to have multiple brush sections etc.
  2. Which one do you think it is better to use around the price tag, span or strong?