Dasmoto's Arts & Crafts

Hi All,

Link to completed project below, any feedback would be great! If you’re up to a similar part of the Front End Eng Course reach out on discord and we can pair up for reviews:


Hey Steve, I have just completed the “Dasmoto’s Arts & Crafts Project” as well.

Any chance you might want to pair up for a code review?

Thank you.


Hey mate, I can’t see any project on Github within your Dasmotos file. Have you removed it?

Feel free to add me on discord.


Ah, sorry about that! All the files should be uploaded now:

I’ll add you on Discord.

Did you need/want a review of your project as well?

Thank you!

Looks good mate nice work.

Nothing at the moment but I’ll reach out when I do.


Hello guys!

I’ve provided the link to the project. Any feedback would be highly appreciated, thank you.
Dasmoto’s project

I’m part of the front end course and at 9% completion. Do reach out on discord if anyone’s interested in pairing up.
Discord IGN: IKilledVanGogh#8888

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