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Here is my project!
here is this webpage’s capture

That was nice training for me. I’ve lead and trained html5 and CSS, but I feel I need more practice.
To be honest, I’m not so get used to use GitHub yet…! So I have some trouble every first time I push files to remote repository on GitHub. :sweat_smile:

Recently I leaned a nice Tips;
How to fix the problem which is rejected when first time push files to remote repository

→ that needs merge but write like this
$ git merge --allow-unrelated-histories origin/main

And this time, I new and try to use GitHub Gist! Wow, I advanced little bit more than before!
Thanks for visit here! Happy coding!

Good job. But there’s always room for improvement. And you’re only going to get better with each successive try. :+1:

Though instead of sharing captures, I would recommend setting up your Github Pages. That way you can automatically host all your static sites and anyone would be able to access your work. Here’s the guide.

Happy Coding.

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Really thank you @peterkibuchi!
Oh, that was the point I need to know! (I have been wondering how could I show my web page!)
I had made Github pages before by following another programming school tutorial, but I forgot it till now… :sweat_smile: I will learn to use my Github page again from today!
Thank you for your good suggestion!