Dasmoto's Arts & Crafts project images issue

HI I am on the Dasmoto’s Arts and Craft project but i cannot download the images onto my computer. I am using a macbook and when i click on the image links to download them and right-click and choose save image as its only offering me the option to save as google webpage not a jpeg. How do I download them to start the project please?

Please post a link to the project landing page. In the event we don’t get this problem solved, there are a several completed projects in the forums where the images have been mounted on the github repro. You might be able to scrape them from there.

hey the link is https://www.codecademy.com/paths/full-stack-engineer-career-path/tracks/fscp-web-development-fundamentals/modules/fecp-developing-with-css/projects/dasmoto
sorry I dont know how i would find the github repo to get them

The images open in a window as .jpeg files so you should be able to right click and save image as. However, if that won’t work, then use the browser tools menu to Save Page As.

Hi It does open as a jpeg on the title of the image in my window but if i right click or use browser file save as it gives me a dialogue box asking what i want to call file which is pre filled with codecademy’s title, where i want to save it and the there is a drop down that gives me two options for file type google webpage or all files tried both: all files when i open in preview it gives some code in the text editor and then if i save as google web page it either wont open in preview or gives a blank page. Have also tried using the url of the images in my HTML but when i run that no image appears. very stuck now lol

Show us your HTML, please. There might be something there we can address.

Aside, have you tried a different browser?

I just chime in here to simply add something by sharing my experience with that particular project.

@arcsimonm If you choose the option “All files” and type the name you want + jpeg (like my-name.jpeg), and then save it like that, it should work.

Don’t worry about opening in a text editor, just make sure to include the right path to it in your html and then open the folder in your editor (for example, Visual Studio Code), make sure to open that folder as a folder, not from any other folder level.

Now, once there, is you have Visual Studio Code already installed, use something like LiveServer, or if you have another editor, use some other form of server to open the project on the browser (ideally, don’t just open the html file from the browser, because that sometimes gives problems, at least to me).

In that case, that should work. At least it did to me.

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Hi, apologies for my ignorance but how do we share the Arts & Crafts store project? I have completed it on my computer on a text editor.

No problem! There’s always a first time.

I think you could:

  • a) make it a repo and upload it to GitHub, and then you share the link here.

  • b) probably simpler to just copy the code in your editor, paste it into the appropriate files in the Codecademy editor, in the exercise in question, and then click on “Tools”, and then “Create gist”. (Sorry, I have now checked again and noticed that you can’t actually do that in this particular exercise).

  • c) Simply copy your code and paste it in the forums, probably opening a new thread aptly named, but if you decide to do this, remember to write the code like it’s explained here.

Hope that helps!

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