Dasmoto's Arts & Crafts project how much alike should I want my result to be?

Hello all,

I’ve completed the Desmoto’s Arts & Crafts project, that is to say, I got every element, colour, font and image on screen and for the most part in the right spot. But there are some obvious differences. The most glaring is the much larger font size of the h1 element; the letters are too large and cause the last word to be on the next line. Is this something I should worry about at this stage? Should this be in my skill set already to be able to have the assignment and my work match 99%? I could use input of people who have the experience to know what’s coming next here.


I think the intention for the project is that you try to match the given redline exactly. That said however, the priority for that project is to practise and get comfortable with using flex and responsive design and something fairly trivial like a H1 element not being the right size isn’t too important. It should somewhere on the design specify the font-size they want you to use?

Well done completing it! :smile:

Thank you! Yes, the font size was given, so that’s why I was so surprised that the result was so different from the original. I’ll take the rest of your answer as encouragement to delve a little deeper.

Edit: Also, I’m an idiot. If I can visually check the answer and can download the files that make up the answer, I can also compare the index.html files themselves… Done, turns out I selected the header element in css rather than the h1 element. Apparently, that had quite the effect. So, problem solved, although I don’t understand why my original code didn’t work, the h1 element being the child of the header element that I originally selected for.

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