Dasmotos arts and crafts

Hello everyone!! I am having a bit of trouble with the Dasmoto project on the web Development course. I believe I have properly linked my CSS and HTML but for some reason I can not get my page to style at all. I have tried many different things but end up with the same result. Would anyone be willing to help me out?

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I would GREATLY appreaciate the help. Thank you!!!

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Have you set up a site root folder for this project (somewhere in your documents folder)?

+ projects
  + dasmotos
    + css
      - style.css
    + images
      - ...

In the HEAD of your HTML,

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.css"/>
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Hello! yes I have actually set up a roots folder, i have placed the folder on my desktop for easier access. I have changed my code many times and still get the same result. I have even deleted my previous attempts and started over just to see if i got different results and they come up the same.

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So much for guesswork. We will need to see your markup.

On the project page is a list of image links that we can use in our code, but you may wish to download them and save in your images folder. This will greatly simplify the image URLs. Save the layout guide, too. Now you can still work on the page offline.

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