Dasmoto's Arts and Crafts feedback

Hello everyone!
Hope everyone is doing ok :slight_smile:
I have completed the first project in my front-end career path.
I would like to get some feedback on it. I have posted my code on GitHub and deployed it to netlify using parcel as the bundler.
GitHub: GitHub - NasirKhalidQ/dasmoto: Dasmoto's arts and crafts
Netlify: https://dasmoto-arts.netlify.app/
Many thanks!


Your work is really amazing! You must visit Reecoupons as they are offering very amazing discounts on Art and craft stuff! I have bought some items from their online store last week and I am surprised to see the quality of every stuff is so good in such reasonable prices!
Best of luck for the your future projects!

Hi there,

Nice work.
Have a good tip for the HTML, which is very obvious, and probably you will agree on it right now.
You could write the HTML with more accessibility in mind. Like much more.
Succes on your projects, have good fun.

Martheyn Merkelbach

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