Dasmoto’s Arts & Crafts Code Review

Hey guys! Would anyone be able to review my Dasmoto Arts & Crafts project?
I’m 7% into the Front-End Engineer course, so I’m pretty much a newbie. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! I seem to be questioning whether I’m creating quality semantic HTML and CSS rulesets, so any feedback on those would be a great help. I created the project on Codecademy’s Workspaces:


hello @harrp006 ! Welcome onboard to Codecademy’s community.

I’ve read through your codes, and no doubt, they are pretty semantic for a start and designs are vibrant so good job on that!

As for feedback, maybe you can start looking into the animation (e.g., when you click on the navbar options, the page will navigate to section in slow-motion effect, Or when you hover towards the buttons, the background/border color changes so it creates a feedback towards the user)

That’s all for the time being! Happy Coding :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: