Dasmoto Project Feedback

Hello everyone,
I’ve just finished the Dasmotos Arts & Crafts Project and put my own twist on it and would like some feedback

Very few fonts have taken the beating over the years that Comic Sans MS took. Mind you there were not as many fellow cursive fonts around back then. Today they can all share the load as being cannon fodder for cursive font haters. The underlying point has always been that we need to select the best fit for any cursive, and usually discreetly for effect. Using cursive so blatantly would have drawn a lot of criticism. Just saying…

Bold type on all the prose is like a page just screaming at its readers. That on top of the assault by cursive, almost comic sans like headers, headings and special effects practically makes this page unreadable. Sorry to say. We all have had failed ideas, so join the club. Now take what you learned and go back to the drawing board, only this time do some reading on typefaces, typesetting, contrast and accessibility, and color complements, &c. Your work has only just begun. Can’t wait to see what you present us in the next iteration.


Regarding your site’s responsiveness, I noticed you added display: flex to your main container so that your three cards would grow and shrink with window size. However, since you didn’t define a width for your cards, the length of your paragraph is doing it for you. Notice how the third card (right card) grows faster than the first two (left and center cards)?

You can easily fix this by defining a width for the cards. But don’t define a hard coded width in pixels. Use a relative unit so that it remains responsive!

Once you make that change you’ll realize there are other elements on your site that aren’t responsive. For example, the images inside each card. If you shrink your windows far enough, the image will overflow the cards. Set a relative size to the images so this won’t happen, and make sure that you also set a max-width property for the images if you don’t want them to grow too much. Your header will also need to be responsive! (or you need to add breakpoints and media queries to your site).

Keep it up! :+1:


Thanks for the feedback!

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