Dasmoto CSS Linking Issue

Hi everyone,

I am stumbling at the addition of my background image where my “Dasmoto’s Arts & Crafts” displays. In other words, my image is not in the background, I am certain my mistake is on my CSS page. I have linked my HTML images well, but the path I am writing out on my CSS page is not working, here is my CSS and what the site looks like:

Site Appearance:

Not sure if it’s relevant but I am using VS Code and a Mac.

Thank you.


Have you checked your code for syntax errors?

body {
background-image: url(“paper.gif”);
background-color: #cccccc;

also, your file is not where the url says it is - you have an error that says so right in the bottom right corner, no? :slight_smile:

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Your path needs to be exact if it’s going to be relative. So by the looks of it, your css file is in the css folder, which means to get to the image it would need to be url('./resources/images/pattern1.jpeg')

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Wow, thank you so much!