Dart and Flutter Learning

Hello All!

I’ve recently become very interested in Dart and Flutter, and even though Codecademy doesn’t have a course for either, that doesn’t mean we can’t share resources and learn together, right?

Why Dart and Flutter? Even though Google created the Dart language and Flutter (a framework that uses Flutter and provides widgets, allowing you to, theoretically, write code once for all the screens), they are open source. This means no worries about license issues or fees, while also meaning that the community can review and contribute to changes.

Anyway, I’ll share the first resources I’ve found:

  1. The first is the Google Developers intro to Flutter. It’s not very detailed in its explanations, but it’s a start.

  2. Flutter Apprentice is a book that, at least for December, is free to use. I’ve found the first 10 Chapters excellent and hope to finish it before the end of the year. I like the walkthroughs and that it gives you both starter and final code (which helps with troubleshooting) and is connected to a forum not unlike this one, in case you have issues.

  3. A small group of us are in the Codecademy Discord server (here) in the #kotlin-dart-flutter channel. Chime in if you’re interested!