Dark mode

I have a minor visual impairment and bright white backgrounds make it more difficult for me to read text. It is also hard on the eyes to read the lesson steps on the bright white, left-hand side of the screen, then look over to the dark code editor in the middle. I’m glad the code editor is in dark mode, but going back and forth several times starts to give you a headache.
What would be nice is a way to toggle the lesson text to dark mode.

Thank you for such a great code learning site. I will definitely be a long term customer.

Thanks for your input!

For now, a workaround is to use a chrome extension like this one to force the site into dark mode:

Hope it helps!


Thanks for that recommendation.
I’m having a lot of fun learning here. I just don’t like the eye-strain headaches most nights.


That extension really does the trick. If there is a black object on the screen, it might get hidden. But, it works great.
I was using an extension “reader mode” and it works a lot like iOS ‘reader view’ and actually restructures the page to simplify it and adjusts the text to a heavier weight. But, while that is great for reading articles, it screws up the Codecademy website trying to make it all one frame. It becomes useless on that type of website.
So, I thank you again. You’ve saved me from a lot of pain!


So happy to hear! And that extension is open source so I believe you can reach out to devs in the GitHub repository and let them know if the extension is breaking the codecademy website too much to be useful!