Dark mode

Hi Adam, yeah really sorry about that I loved developing the dark theme and hope users enjoyed it. I don’t think the current default caters particularly well for people who use the forums for prolonged periods of time.

I unfortunately had to remove it and change the licensing to maintain creative control over it. I’d highly encourage you to play around with a live CSS editor and make your own custom CSS to turn it into a dark theme you enjoy and then share that with others. There are a lot of global variables used for colours that you can change to start it off. Some of the CC styled elements are best off hidden rather than the pain of trying to override !important statements everywhere.


That’s no problem at all, and perfectly understandable! I’ll have a play around to try and knock something together for myself, but I appreciate the response to let me know what’s going on with it.


Hi, am I the only one being bothered a lot by the default dark mode on the main learning site?

I find it so difficult for me to read with the dark navy background and flashy white texts, so I have to stop reading every 2 minutes.

Could you please enable different color modes for all the sites?

Thank you!

Try this if on a chromium browser: