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I’ve been using Codecademy for a couple of months now and it’s been a great experience so far!
However, there is one thing that could improve my experience by a great deal and that would be a dark mode.
I’ve got quite a lot of “floaters” (mouches volantes) in my eyes and they are making it hard for me to read text that has a very bright background. In some exercises, both the “Learn” and the “localhost” window show up on the screen and both are very, very bright and therefore hard to read for me. Apart from a browser plugin (which does a so-so job) I have found no way to change that.
So it would be fantastic if you could implement maybe a little switch next to the avatar or maybe even somewhere in the settings that changes the background- and text-color to something more easy on the eyes, I think that might help a lot of people, not just me.

Thanks and greetings

Hi Viktor :wave:

Great suggestion –– a dark mode would be great! I will pass along your request to our Product team.




Please do!! I really like working on Codecademy. So, I would be so thankful and appreciate if you could do dark mode for us. My eyes strained really bad looking at the bright background.*cries

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@lilybird I would love this too! Thanks for passing it along!

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I recommend using chrome://flags to force dark mode. Take note that some of the contents in Codecademy would not be displayed correctly as this is an experimental feature.

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I second this suggestion! I’m in my 40s, and I experience eye strain and fatigue after so much close reading on a bright white background. Not everyone who’s learning to code is in the prime of their lives. :wink: A dark mode would really help me spend more time on Codecademy taking lessons. Today I had to stop after only 1 hour because my eyes were starting to get really dry and become strained.

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Yes!! Dark mode please! I cannot believe Codecademy does not have a dark mode yet. That would be fantastic.:+1:


There is an extension for Chrome called Dark Reader that can transform any web page into dark mode. This may cause some of the exercises to display incorrectly (working with colors in CSS/Javascript), but it can easily be turned off during those exercises. Here’s the link.

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Thank you for your response and suggestions here. I have been using a Dark Reader add-on with my Firefox browser which has been working quite well until I reached the CSS lessons. Now I have to turn off the add-on while I work on the exercises in order for the answers to be marked correctly. It is good to know that I will need to do the same for Javascript as well.
I too would love a Dark Mode that allows the answers to run correctly.

Hey @thelaughingseal,

Check this out, a member of our mod team created this dark theme for anyone to use!


Hi @vic-st ,

Thank you so much for this link, I really appreciate it! I am not seeing preferences though, is it only available for pro members?

It is available for all users, you just need to change this setting:


This is located under “Interface” in the Settings menu


I found it, thank you!

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Hi - there is no settings option under my profile - the only options I have are:

Account + Billing
My Home
Give Pro

Where do I select the dark theme? Thanks

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Nevermind - I found it - it’s on the forum and not the main site.


Would be nice to have a dark theme on the man site too!


yes please get the dark theme for the main site, patiently waiting

Apologies for resurrecting the thread, but for some reason my forums have reverted to light mode, and the option for a dark mode theme doesn’t seem to exist anymore? Was this removed or is it because my Pro ran out or something like that?

Nothing to do with your subscription. The theme that included dark mode was built by a member of the community. That theme is no longer available to members of the forums. I can’t really elaborate on why that is. Perhaps @fede_hq or @mariana-hq could weigh in?


Appreciate the reply! Is a real shame it’s gone as it was nice and I really do struggle with light mode websites. I believe my browser has a built in dark mode that works okay, I can try enable that and see how it goes.