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they instruct me to add(some numbers to a specific key in a dictionary list)
lets assume I need to add 50 to 'int' key in my for_example dict
i tried something like this
for_example['int'] = 50
can you help?

for_example = { 
                     'int' = 500 



for_example['int'] = 50

will add key 'int' to dictionary with value of 50 to for_example dictionary


for_example = { 
                     'int' = 500 

will create a dictionary (for_example) with 'int' key and a value of 50, however, for this, after the key there should be a colon not a equal sign


uhmmm ,
i need to add 50 to the

'int' = 500

how am I suppose to that? do you know?

this is the exact intructions
"Add 50 to the number stored under the 'gold' key"


you need to add 50 to the value of 'gold' key

we can get the value of gold using:

print inventory['gold']

we can assign a new value to gold using:

inventory['gold'] = "new value"

To update a value, we can simply assign new value + current value to inventory['gold']


UPDATE thats the word.
right now what I get is
I cant do this

inventory['int'] = 50
because it'll only make a new key to the dict[for_example]

you said "To update a value, we can simply assign new value + current value to inventory['gold']"
and thats what i need to know

so far a tried many changes to make it work, like so
inventory['gold'] = +50[0]
inventory['gold'] + 50
inventroy['gold'][0] = +50
inventroy['gold'][0] +50

and totally out of ideas
help me out :frowning:


look how we update a variable:

example = 5
example = example + 5

see? You could use the same trick to update the gold value

Why is 'gold' wrong please help. Says syntax error

oh i see i just need to repeat the instance.
something like this
inventory['gold'] = inventory['gold'] +50
i got it
thanks man for helping me :slight_smile:


yes, do you also understand why? we want to assign a new value to inventory['gold'], which is the current value + 50


yup at least I see the logic behind it
its just that im out of ideas how do to do it properly
ty ty :smile: