Danger, Will Robinson! - Row and Column Numbers


board[guess_row - 1 ][guess_col - 1] = "X"
That doesn't pass, however it makes more sense as an output (rows/columns 1 - 5 make more sense than 0 - 4).

11. Danger, Will Robinson

Codecademy's submission correctness tests (SCTs) for most of the exercises are pretty strict about certain things. Though you may have some good ideas, the SCT is designed to enforce the specifications provided by the instructions.

Note that in Exercise 19: Extra Credit, you are given the freedom to redesign the Battleship! game. For that exercise, the SCT is very lenient, and allows you to make improvements, such as what you have suggested. Python lists are indexed beginning at 0, but with some creativity, you can offer a user interface that provides the view that the board rows and columns are labelled from 1 to 5.


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