Daily Revenue 2: Incorrect Solution

Daily Revenue 2: Incorrect Solution

As a preface, I looked at three previous threads covering this question, but none were addressed and the instructions and solution are still wrong.

Background Info:

We are given a SQL table where data is null if there was not a refunded product. To calculate revenue properly we are told to exclude refunds. But here is where the problem comes into play.

The instructions state: “Update our daily revenue query to exclude refunds. Complete the query by filtering for refunded_at is not null.”

Additionally, if you check that refunded_at is null, which would be the proper way to exclude refunds, it is counted as incorrect.

There have been three threads about this specific error, but there is no response other than to close the threads and leave the error as it is. I know that we are not the only ones getting confused by this, and it hurts our trust in the courses on this site when material is blatantly incorrect and errors are ignored.

Hope this problem is solved, so more people aren’t confused by this incorrect solution.

The three previous threads are linked below:

Now all we need is a link to the exercise and we can get this investigation underway. Please post the link.

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