Daily Dose of Health (Mixed Messages Portfolio Project)


I just completed my portfolio. It was easy and enjoyable for me. It took a while to familiarize myself with GitHub + Vs Code at the beginning but now with practice everything is much easier.

Here is the link GitHub - LeticiaAriela/mixed-messages: Daily Dose Of Heatlh is a Javascript app that sends random essentials vitamins & minerals messages about their importance to our health. This program also gives some sources from where those vitamins & mineral can be found in our food for an optimized and healthier nutrition.


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Some advices:

  1. Avoid use on whitespaces in file names. Whitespaces can create problems in some circumstances. Replace them with underscores _.
  2. Do not use hardcoded array length in randomMessage, use Array.length() instead (JavaScript Array length Property). This will help you to avoid errors when size of arrays will change.
  3. You can store vitamins and minerals sources in array too. This will help you when adding more vitamins and minerals.

Good work!

Great thread good work!