D3.js Tutorial seems broken

Oops, try again. expected div to have its background-color style equal to steelblue but got #DDDD99

YET, it works outside code Academy!!!


The issue is in the src URL to D3. Change http to https and the library will load.

I am not sure why you would expect a user to have to do this.

BTW - I did not set it to http



It’s a typo, on the part of the author. What more can I say? I found three or four instances of the incorrect URL. It will get addressed and we can put this behind us. Hopefully users see this thread before they abandon the module.

In answer to your question, had the URL been correct, this would never have come up. Please do not read anything sinister into a simple error.

Edit: Not a typo or credit to the author. The provider changed their URL long after the course creator had left the building. Nobody is to blame for this mishap. It has nothing to do with Codecademy.


There was no need for that to be considered before the course went live. When the course was created, Codecademy loaded everything over HTTP, and there were no problems. Codecademy only recently switched to an HTTPS-only site, and by default, the browser won’t load any insecure (HTTP) resources on a secure (HTTPS) page. Courses made recently, after the change to loading everything securely, do check for stuff like this :slight_smile:

@ugajin They did check through their official content. They actually wrote about that on their blog. But this course isn’t official content, it was created by someone who just decided to write a course on D3.js. If it had been official content, then Codecademy would have definitely made sure to fix it :slight_smile:

@zystvan When you are in a hole, stop digging!

@ugajin I’m not sure why you’re having a hard time understanding that Codecademy only worries about the quality of it’s official content… unofficial stuff (like the D3.js course) is left up to the course creator to maintain. This isn’t something Codecademy needs to (or will) change.

Since @mtf was able to help you find the problem and get you through the exercise, I don’t think there’s much need to carry on any more conversation here.
I’m done talking here, unless someone says something especially interesting.

And I’m not in a hole. I’m in a house (if you like specificity, I’m in a chair in the house).


Hey @ugajin bro! You really need to read what the replies say.
It isn’t official Codecademy as zystvan said,

It isn’t their error to solve or apologize for, if you want to complain to someone, then find the course creator and tell them about it.

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This problem actually cropped up when D3js.org changed their URL to https. That was around 7 or 8 months ago, or even longer. This course was added well over two years ago, and worked fine, save for one other issue in lesson 11. The fix is to add id="exercise" to the <svg> element.