D.R.Y. Spanish lesson


Sorry I couldn't find the Spanish version of this toppic. The lesson is pretty much the same.

var costoNaranjas = function(costo){
    console.log(costo * 5);


Why is the output twice? Where's that second "25" coming from??


Could you translate your error message in English, please?


Woops! Try again. Your function should have been equal to 25, because that is the result of buying 5 oranges at $5 each. But the result is not 25.


This is what happens when the parameter is 4


Yor code seems to be correct. try to refresh the browser. also check does function's name is the same as in an instruction.


I did refresh it a couple of times, changed the function name (which showed a different error, that I did expect, since it wasn't the one they asked), changed the parameter name, placed the function call inside a console.log()... nothing works. I'm stuck in this course and it's all very weird.


ya your code is perfect but it must be some kind of bug. I think you can just skip over it, and you should be ready to considering you know what you are doing.


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