D.R.Y #6 Dont Repet YourSelf


I Dont Know What i did wrong i will supply with screen shot


Put the * 5 when defining the function, rather than putting it in the actual function.
var blankCost = function (cost * 5)


Your are multiplying a function by 5. Function * 5 != Number. Use cost, not orangeCost.


Then This is what happens


it still does not work


this does not make sence


i still need help with this can some one else help?


@mpglenn1202 This is never syntactically right, you NEVER operate in a function's input.

@codecrtr The way you should do it is:

var orangeCost = function(cost) {
    console.log("Your orange cost is: " + cost * 5);


Oh sorry about that, still a bit new to coding!


Please, do not suggest if you don't know.


Thanks @cadecodes That Did The Trick!


Sorry, it's just that I thought that I knew so I gave my input


We're an open forum here everyone can pitch in with their answers :slightly_smiling:

And if their answer turns out to be wrong then we get to help 2 people at once rather than just the original poster so everyone benefits!