Cybersecurity: Filter for FTP Project

Hello guys!

I am having issues with the Project: Network Monitoring.
When it comes to the Filter for FTP task, I am unable to run ftp on Terminal app (I’m using Mac). I tried couple variations and both are unsuccessful

[Username] ~ % ftp
-bash: /Users/aggiesmac: is a directory

And when I skip ~ and % it shows “command not found”

Has anyone of you come across a similar issue?
How do I go around it?

Thanks a million!

I’m having the same issue! Did you ever get this resolved?

Hi @thecatskan!

Unfortunately not. Codecademy seems to be getting more and more issues that are just never being fixed. Such a shame, cause for the amount we’re paying it would be nice if they could at least look into our learning environment. I’m having multiple issues with their SASS course as well…Oh well…


It looks like some things have changed with since we initially created the tutorial - we’re going to update that section to resolve that issue. I’ll drop an update in once we’ve resolved the issue!

(We’ve also renamed it to “Tutorial” to more accurately represent the content.)

Thanks for bringing this up so we can investigate the issue and get it fixed!

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