Cybersecurity as a Career Path

May I forward a question for discussion, recently I have noticed that codecademy are offering professional certifications for completed career paths, however cybersecurity does not seem to be recognised as a career path which I find strange as it is an extremely fast growing and recognised area of importance these days amongst most companies. So much so in fact that I intend to start my own company in the area of cybersecurity offering training, risk assessments and ethical hacking etc. A professional certification would be of huge importance to me and I am sure many others. Does codecademy recognise this and are there any plans for future change. I would be very interested to hear other peoples views on this subject.
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You can always check the “Roadmap” link at the bottom of the page to see what they’re working on too.


Thank you for that I didn’t realise that was available. I have taken your advise and have offered my services if codecademy take it further.
Thank you.

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