Cut and paste

i cannot cut and paste within the code, nor cut and paste from the directions. its getting old typing some of this stuff out. ive come across some post that tell you to do that to get by some sticking points but im not able to. is this by design or what am i missing?

Which browser are you using? I just checked Edge. (I don’t use Edge for CC), and there is no option when right clicking the mouse for copy/cut or paste. I can, however, highlight code, click Ctl + C to copy, and then Ctl + V to paste. On Firefox, right clicking the mouse works as expected, I haven’t checked Chrome.

Edit: Just checked Chrome. It’s the same as Edge. The keyboard shortcuts still work though.


ok so i should use firefox when working on codecademy if i want the mouse cut/paste options? i was using chrome…thanks you for your answer.