Customer service bot project / getting jupyter to work

i downloaded mini conda and the customer project, I opened my CMD and tried pip3 install jupyter and conda instal jupyter and neither worked, even though I can find the folder in my CMD I can’t get jupyter folder to open even after I’ve installed Miniconda and Anaconda and tried using jupyter notebook, every time I get an error saying it’s not recognized as a command.

I think this is because you haven’t created/activated your environment. This is also why you can’t install Juypiter cause there is no environment to install it to.

If you want to use miniconda:
Try following these steps here

If you are using anaconda navigator you can press the play button and choose open in terminal.

Hope it helps


Wow it actually did so much, I didn’t know I had to actually load the navigator first and didn’t see any of those menus before but I have since opened it and now I can do my project I’m so happy, Thanks!

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Hi. I was just wondering where did you download the customer project from? Thanks.

I found it through the codecademy course itself there was a download link in the project

Could You tell me where from I can download this customer service bot? I cannot find it :frowning:

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