Customer_service_bot File – Where do I find it?

Can somebody please tell me where to find that file? It is used to follow along the instructions shown in the video here: Getting Started Off-Platform


No. In the video a project is mentioned called ‘customer service bot’.
min 4 in this video

She said it’s in the “Programming in python 2 Intensive”.
CC used to have 6 week intensives a couple years ago. I’m not sure if that course is still available. Did you check the python 2 course and see if there was a project there called "customer svc bot’?

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hm, thanks. can’t find it there either. I guess I will have to follow along without the file.

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hi, did you end up ever figuring this out? or what did you do? I am in the same predicament and trying to figure out how much time I should spend trying to figure it out before moving on…

ayo this is so discouraging. I’m trying everything to find the link to the file this is crazy. It’s frustrating because I paid for the data science pro career course and the reason this issue is happening is because theyre recycling content from older courses (which is not a problem as long as they updated it with a link). AHHHHH.

Update. I contacted customer service about it and was told:

" For the video and reference the the Customer Service Bot - this video was authored a while ago. Much of the content is relevant, but we plan to add some important updates either with text explanations or more explanation in the video description. The Customer Service Bot project has been updated to this project which will test many of the same skills - Let me know if you have any trouble accessing this project! "

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