Customer_service_bot File – Where do I find it?

Can somebody please tell me where to find that file? It is used to follow along the instructions shown in the video here: Getting Started Off-Platform


No. In the video a project is mentioned called ‘customer service bot’.
min 4 in this video

She said it’s in the “Programming in python 2 Intensive”.
CC used to have 6 week intensives a couple years ago. I’m not sure if that course is still available. Did you check the python 2 course and see if there was a project there called "customer svc bot’?

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hm, thanks. can’t find it there either. I guess I will have to follow along without the file.

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hi, did you end up ever figuring this out? or what did you do? I am in the same predicament and trying to figure out how much time I should spend trying to figure it out before moving on…