Custom terminal color profile in VSCode instructor is using in this video

Hi I am working with terminal in VSCode and I understand I can customize the colors of my terminal in settings.json. Does anyone know what settings the instructor is using in this video for their terminal environment:

Or have any links to a good repo of color settings for terminal in VSCode? Thanks!

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Have you browsed through these?

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It reminds me strongly of gruvbox which I tend to use (would be a vscode extension) but there are so many spin-offs around solarized that it’s hard to say for certain. But dark themes based off / inspired by solarized might be along the lines of what you’re looking for, worth spending a little bit of time looking for one you like though. If it’s semi-common then it’s easier to implement in other editors though so you might not want to go too exotic but it’s your editor so you do you.

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Hi thanks for both of your responses. From what I can tell, the themes you’ve linked me to only effect the code editing parts of vscode files. I am looking to customize my terminal settings, like the instructor has in the youtube video Iinked to. Are you aware of a way to do that?

What terminal are you referring to? Within VS Code the terminal you can access would be affected by applied themes, at least the ones that can be easily altered. I’m assuming the user in the video is using gitbash. Does your prompt look similar to the one in the video (the text if not the colour)? Are you perhaps using powershell or cmd rather than gitbash? You can change with the dropdown menu.

Outside of this it varies a lot by what you’re using as to what you can customise and how that’s achieved. Find out what terminal you’re using and have a web search for customisation options.