Custom CSS Wordpress HELP!

I would like someone to help me with css theme for wordpress. I am a novice and I tried to create my own theme and I was unsuccessful. I have an idea of what I want and what I want my blog to look like and don’t know how to code the theme properly. I am really lost. I have been binge watching videos and looking up for articles that can assist me in creating my own custom theme and I am getting frustrated. I right clicked to view the source of the blog: view-source: to see the coding and I don’t know where to begin. I like the theme but want to make my own alterations and I’m struggling.

I like the banner in the contempo theme for blogger.
I would like the body of my blog to look like the one:

This is not my blog.

The left side menu bar in the header I would like it to have 7 categories: about this blog, recent posts, blog stats, categories, archives, follow blog via email, other links) The header, posts and font size is very large on this site. I don’t want my site to look this way. I dislike the black top and bottom color theme in the blog: I would like the blog background to be white instead and the widgets (categories etc.) below black and the follow button and widget area content can remain the default blue and red in the linked blog.

Minus the right hand side menu bar in the header. Instead, I would like the right hand side of the header to have a search bar like the one in the contempo (blogger theme) linked above.
Is there away to include permanant marker font in the blog title for a wordpress site?
I hope I’m not asking for too much. Can someone help me with this?