there is error occurs during cursive font in linux!


You might just need to refresh the browser your're using, or you might need to update your browser. If all else fails try using a different cursive font, or ask a moderator. I hope it helps. :smile:


As Linux is an open-source software it is very unlikely you will find proprietary fonts in the system you have. It is also no guaranteed that you will be able to have the cursive font. If you want to support your Linux users once you move on to creating websites, then you should probably be sure to upload your own font (or use a service, like Google Fonts, etc) that will supply a cursive backup font for you when this issue crops up.

Sorry about that.


You have an error message in the lessons which you need help with?


Hi kapil,

@jacobsandersen is correct, Linux Chrome doesn't have a cursive font. I've noticed that Firefox on Linux does have a (very bad) imitation of something resembling cursive, though :)


#Windows10FTW :wink: 


@jibblyj anyone can tell you Linux is waay better :)


Linux vs windows discussion. Lovely. Best not, that could get a topic with lot of reply's :smile:

But i agree with zystvan @jibblyj, linux is better then windows


Mac though. Mac.... <3