Cursive Font Showing Up As Comic Sans MS

Project Link:

Hello! I was following the project link above when it asked me to change a font to cursive. I did as it said, but instead of showing the cursive font, it showed the Comic Sans MS font which DEFINITELY wasn’t cursive. I found a link to the old forums here:
But I couldn’t follow the reply that well.
Hoping someone could help me with this.

On Windows machines, Comic Sans MS is the default cursive font.

Now that I know, but I don’t know how to change it.

Do you need to change it? If you use the generic family in your CSS,

font-family: cursive;

it will default to whatever your machine is set to. You can change your system settings, but be sure to research first so you know that you are replacing Comic Sans MS with another cursive font.

The simple approach that does not require any settings changes is to write a short list of cursive fonts,

font-family: font1, font2, font3, cursive;

where font1 is the font of choice, if available, font2 is the alternate, font3 is another alternate (in order of preference) and cursive is the fallback when none of the others are available on that system.

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