Cursive font never works


Every time I set a piece of text to the cursive font, it changes the text to comic sans instead. It isn't that big of a deal because I can still complete the lessons, but it is weird.



Here this makes mine cursive :wink:
h3{ font-family: cursive;}


I think your code has same effect as the thread starter does, I have this problem too, maybe this is a bug.


Yeah, I think it must be a bug :sweat: changing the positions of the brackets unfortunately does not help.. thanks anyway though!


weird, mine DOES show cursive. Probably a bug or something. Browsers can do it as well.. :worried:


Can't get past this exercise. It won't recognize the "cursive" font at all. it stays white while all the other font names are orange. tried it on chrome and microsoft edge. same problem.



You probably passed this by now but your brackets placement means something. You need to put them in the right spots.


what is this??

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