Hey there everyone!

I hope you guys are well and staying safe during these times.

As I have been getting into Coding since a few months now I’ve been continuously trying out what works best to learn from Home. At the moment I am testing a new curriculum that I put together by combining multiple pathways and work through each, bit by bit. I know that this means overall things will move forward a bit slower in the progress bar as I am splitting my time between each skill path. Prior to this I only focused on one, but knowing that in schools and universities the curriculum also splits into multiple subjects at the same time and also doing some research, I found that learning like this can be more effective not just in advancing in that skill, but also in overall brain capacity as you learn how to connect memories from one subject and apply similar principles in how you learn the other, etc.

With all that said, I wanted to ask you guys about this and if you have any tips, tricks and experiences in how to schedule or split up the learning process and curriculum.

Hope to hear from you guys soon and wish you all the best.

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