Currently struggling with "Find My Hat"

**I need to get this to accept user input, and change the field according to user input. How do I do do this? Thanks! **
const prompt = require(‘prompt-sync’)({sigint: true});

const hat = ‘^’;
const hole = ‘O’;
const fieldCharacter = ‘░’;
const pathCharacter = ‘*’;

class Field {
constructor() {
field = field;

const myField = new Field([
[’*’, ‘░’, ‘O’],
[‘░’, ‘O’, ‘░’],
[‘░’, ‘^’, ‘░’],

// prompt user for input
let input = prompt(‘Which direction?’);
// which direction would they like to move?

// user sees printed result of current field map with visited tiles marked with *
// user gets prompted for next move
let input = prompt(‘Which direction?’);
// if user finds hat, they win, game ends
// if user lands on a hole, they lose, game ends
// if they move outisde the field, game ends
// ask user would they like to play again? y/n

hi @lindajoyfulcoder ,

is this from ReactJS or NodeJS exercise?

Node.js I need to get user input (L, R, U, and D), and move the * accordingly, until user either falls into a hole, finds his/her hat, or steps out of bounds.

I still haven’t mastered updating my pages on GitHub. I am 36% of the way through FSE.

I sure will miss Codecademy when I end my membership on December 15, 2021. I have been here about a year. Usually 5-6 days a week, 15 min to 1 hour.

Unfortunately I don’t quite understand the code after trying to figure out your syntax.

In hope someone can assist you better in this NodeJS exercise from Codecademy? Or otherwise.

You can extend your membership still for sure as there are deals for you to leverage on.

Perhaps my secret Santa generator code will work better! I am also an artist. Who needs to make a bunch of artwork for the Christmas market. Time is very precious now.

My best yet to be done achievement? Making a time warp program!