Current Working Directory and Relative Paths

Hi! A question about paths and Current Working Directory - say I have a project folder called Project A which contains: index.html and a folder called Resources. In Resources there are two subfolders: a CSS and an Images (which contains my stylesheet and my images. If I work in the css file, is it the CSS folder that is Current Working Directory, or Resources, or Project A?

current working directory (cwd) is mostly used in command line. Because in the command line, we can open a directory in subfolder (several layers deep). Lets say the CWD is project A, we can open the stylesheet using: nano resources/css/stylesheet.css

but this won’t change the current working directory, we are still in the project A directory

CWD has little to do with which file(s) you open, more about navigating when changing directory (cd command)


Ok, I think I understand now - thanks!