Curious to know more about front end and back end

Hi i am new in coding field. Wanted to know what is the different between front end and backend?

What you see in your browser, right now, is the front end, or more specifically, the client-side or user agent. The front end is everything that is running in your browser, namely, HTML, CSS and JavaScript which are supported by three APIS and the browser’s built in rendering engines.

Some frameworks are actually serverless, meaning they download all the components they need, and break their connection with the server. Data and rendering software is all bundled on the client side.

Backend is everything that is handled on the server-side. Requests are received and parsed, and preprocessed for delivery to the client. This may involve languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Node, etc., document templates and data bases. The response document is dynamically cobbled together into a single HTML document and set back down to the client.

For practical reasons, one is first given the opportunity to learn the front end, and reach a sufficient level of competence before embarking on the back end. So if HTML, CSS and JavaScript are new to you, spend the next several months studying and practicing and put backend on the back burner (pun intended). The front end is very forgiving; the back end is not. There is every possibility a simple typo can cause the response to fail and return a 500 code (white screen) to the client.