Curious to know can you apply the copy rights symbol? if so how?


HI there i am trying to make a flyer for my cable company and i was wondering if i am able to add the copyright symbol.


Yea, why not? There is even a guide (link) which shows you how to insert it. Or is that not what you mean? You can always copy it from google: ©


Thank you for the information


Hi Deer,

@stetim94 is correct, you can copy/paste it into your code.
I personally prefer to keep special characters out of my code, and to use the HTML entities instead. So I just wanted to point out that:

© => ©

You can use © in your code for the same effect as copy/pasting the character in :)

Oops, I didn't read the whole guide Stetim94 linked to, they have the HTML entity. I feel stupid now for creating this post :smile:


no, it is good you pointed it out, because i didn't notice the html entity. @deer_hunter198, use @zystvan suggestion