I figured that this was not fit to be in the HTML&CSS section so i am posting my question here.

On my codecademy profile, i see that i have about 157 points beside the badge icon. Does anyone know what this is for?

Also, in the HTML and CSS section, i have come across mentions of Jumbotron or something similar as a part of CSS. So, is this also included in the html and css tutorials because i finished the course couple of minutes ago and i saw nothing relating to that.

each exercise you completed is one point (so far i know)

If available, you can do the make a website website course. Jumbotron is something mostly used in jumbotron, you can read about it here



Each exercise is one point. It doesn’t count for anything right now, but there has been a few ideas for a sort of leaderboard for the top x people in terms of exercises/courses done, but as that currently isn’t implemented (and may never be), it does nothing for now.


Alright. Thank you.
Does anyone know of any editor that supports preview? It sucks writing html and css on notepad++ and then running it on firefox and making edits and running it again… ■■■■…

brackets has something that shows live browser preview. But i would personally go for sublime text, and then install a plugin which automatically reloads the browser when you save a file

Ok… Sublime. But what plugin reloads the browser that you know of?

Well, there are tricks like this one, or livereload or refresh

But you can of course use brackets

For working on one page at a time, I guess you could try the Codecademy enviroment, if you’re comfortable with it, because I use that in school and find it to work a charm :slight_smile:

The codecademy environment would be awesome if it works offline cos i don’t get internet access all the time thus why i’m getting an editor.

The codecademy environment would be awesome if it works offline cos i don’t get internet access all the time thus why i’m getting an offline editor.

Would you be able to use an editor, with a preview next to it, that’s ‘semi-live’? Like make it so you just click to refresh, but no window switching? Because that is easily makeable in JS (no syntax highlighting etc) and runs in browsers when you’re offline.

Yea… i could use an editor with a preview next to it… but do i click the browser to refresh it or what exactly am i clicking?

Please explain better.

You can use alt + tab or start + number (if you have windows) to switch, and then you can press f5 to refresh the page

You would click a button which would refresh the page above.

Thank you both… I love this new command i just learnt btw… Alt+Tab.

There is also start + tab, and alt + shift + tab to reverse the order you get from alt + tab, plus, if you use windows (and ubuntu) you can do start + number, number being 1,2,3 and so on. the items on your task bar are numbered.

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