Cumulative Project 5- Help formatting the wireframe in Android Studio!

Greetings fellow users,
For this project, you begin by placing in an imageView and a textView. Simple enough, right? Well, for some reason, when I place either one of them and change their constraints, they disappear off my screen and also cannot be moved, nor can I reduce the size of the imageView, even when following the suggested steps. In this case, I attempted to center the imageView via constraining left and right side to parent, and setting layout width to 0dp and layout height to wrap_content. Any tips are greatly appreciated!

Hello @sjburke2022, welcome to the forums! I’ve had similar issues, and I found the best way was to directly interact with the XML-write the actual code. If you given it constraints, then most likely pretty much all of the XML you need is there (you could maybe change a few bits, depending on how you want your views constrained), but to get the view objects where you want, add:

                         |                        I think 0 is left/bottom
                         |                        and 1 is right/top. 0.5
                         |                        is the middle.
          Either vertical or horizontal. 
         No need for the curly braces, either.

This should move the view object onto the screen, where you can then use the design editor if you want.

I hope this helps!

Here are the 2 images of what I’ve got right now. Maybe this will help you spot what is happening? I have horizontal bias set to 0.5. Thanks so much! I was going to include a screenshot of what it looks like on design editor as well, but new forums users can only include one picture per reply :slight_smile:

Is the image still being weird? If so, it could be to do with using constraintStart_toStartOf = "parent". Maybe using something like constraintTop_toTopOf? Could you include a screenshot of what it looks like in design mode next post?