Cumulative Project 3

public class MainActivity {

// Add generateRandomNumber() here
int questionsRemaining;
int max = questionsRemaining - 1;
int randomNumber;

int generateRandomNumber(int max){
double randomNumber =
return ;…???

I am completely lost!! there is no cheatsheet help and no tutorial video.

What is the exact question you are trying to ask?

I noticed you have the assignment operator here, but no value being assigned.

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You can find all the Java cheatsheets here (just click on the desired topic on the left).

Which project are you referring to? Some of the projects have walkthrough videos you can access by clicking “Get Help” in the bottom right corner.

Hello @coderunner_pks2.

Please take down your solution; we want to encourage users to problem-solve, think through the problem to solve it, and ask questions to learn, rather than copying off of someone else’s code.

Additionally, please avoid reviving old threads (the last reply on this one was 2 months ago).

i really need help in this same instance it seems there are no resource to assist in this exact skill set that appeared without any introduction.

Welcome to the forums! What exactly are you having trouble with? Please also post any related code and format it using the </> button.